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Japanese-style Dashi Clam Chowder

Japanese-style Dashi Clam Chowder


Ingredient:Serves 4
Onion, Potato 1 each
Carrot 1/3
Bacon 4 slices
Asparagus 5 stalks
Clams 14 oz
White wine 3 Tbsps
Less Sodium Dashi Soy 1 Tbsp
Butter 2 Tbsps
Flour 2 Tbsps
Less Sodium Dashi Soy 2 Tbsps
Soy milk 400cc
  1. Cut A into 1 cm pieces. Boil asparagus and cut diagonally.
  2. Remove sand from clams and braise in B.
  3. Heat butter in a pot, add A and fry. Add flour and fry until the flour thickens. Add Less Sodium Dashi Soy and coat well.
  4. Add water (1 & 2/3 cups) to the pot and bring to a boil. When the vegetables have softened, add asparagus, soy milk, and (2) (liquid and all.) Simmer for 10 minutes.